About Us

BuddhistBelief.org is a non-profit site set up by BuddhismMagazine.com. It’s aim is to clearly present the major beliefs of Buddhism for interested members of the general public, and Buddhists as a refresher and motivational tool. Our other site (just of wise sayings throughout the ages) is Wise Quotes.

We seek to present these philosophies in the most relevant and contemporary way possible. At times we illustrate each belief with a picture taken from the appropriate term’s search in Google™ Image Search. All images are used for study purposes only and the image copyright remains with its owners.

This list is always evolving with input from Buddhists and scholars alike. If you would like to improve, suggest, or tweak a belief, send us an email at The Luck of Twins (at) Gmail (dot) com. We would be happy to hear your comments on any page, discuss the appropriate belief, or to add your own that you consider important. Buddhism Beliefs is a constantly evolving resource.

Coming soon – Buddhism Books – a list of books on Buddhism suitable for the beginner to this subject, or more advanced readers. It is a list that is regularly compiled and added to by readers such as yourself.

A little about Buddhism Magazine. Buddhism aims to be a forum where everyday Buddhists – those who study every day, or once and a while – are able to write small articles about an aspect of Buddhist practice, and how it fits into their daily lives. Humorous, insightful, posing questions, new ideas, or thoughts, the articles are as varied as our writers. Write for us, discuss, or simply enjoy.

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